Designed for demanding outdoor conditions, the cable distribution and protective cabinets are made of AlMg3 marine aluminium and the base is hot galvanised steel sheeting. The various width and height options of the robust frame provide a great number of size options.

Enclosures and cell centres

F-series is available in two parallel versions: F and F NBS, which are nearly identical apart from the base structure. In the F NBS system, the side panels can be installed last after the cabinet has been furnished and cabled.

The enclosure structure can consist either of one section only, or of several modules and spaces. The cell centre can be constructed L- or even U-shaped, as required or as the available space allows.

Bus bars are installed at the back of the centre. The aluminium or copper bus bars can be installed at any height.

Most frame parts have been provided with pre-punched holes, which makes protective grounding easy. Doors are grounded through the frame structure via hinges and screws.

Screen-protected structures can be built on two levels with either plastic or metal partition covers and two alternative door solutions.

Electric Features

Nominal frequency f
50 – 60Hz

Mechanic Features

Enclosure class

Impact strength (outer/inner)

Material strength of doors
IP21 – IP34D IK10 2,5 mm




Powder coating
available on order


EN 60529 EN 62262 IEC/EN 61439-5 IEC/EN 62208


WIDTH 300 450 600 750              
HEIGHT 140 280 420  560  700  840  980  1120 1400 1680 1960
DEPTH 80 160 250 320  510             
BASE 40 140